Joyful Encounters

I wonder, do you have an amazing , loving, non-judgemental relationship with yourself, your body, your family, health, money, co-workers, business associates,etc? Well, if you do, congratulations, I am truly happy for you and my service will be of no value or contribution to you, your body or life. However, if you have had any abuse in your life, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, etc or suffer with PTSD, depression, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, rage, mind chatter, worry, insomnia, etc. my services can contribute to you having and creating more, ease, joy and glory, in your own life, body and all of your relationships, if you are willing to entertain the possibility of a life of empowerment and choice. Being born into a family of alcoholics and abuse of every form. I grew up hating , myself, my body, my life. I was sad, lonely, frustrated, angry, depressed and simply desired to hide in a corner and die, for the first 40 years of my life! Even though, I am grateful for the willingness to seek out and take part in the many different modalities and therapies over 25 years, prior to Access Consciousness, they did not empower me to any degree the way, Access Consciousness did and continues to do. I am so grateful for the awareness of infinite possibilities and tools of Access Consciousness for enabling me to let go of victim hood and dis-empowerment and for stepping up into empowerment. So, if you are searching for a different possibility from the ones currently controlling and practically, manipulating every move in your life and living. Stop in, for a 20 minute Access Consciousness hands on process for $20. Access Consciousness has been around for over 25 years, is currently in over 120 countries and being translated into 16 languages, so far, world wide. All of life comes to me and my body with ease, joy and glory. So, will I see you there?

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