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The Lucia N°03 Meditation Lamp originated in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps and is mindfully crafted in small-batch series in a factory in Kufstein, Austria. FREE MIND studio is the first to incorporate Lucia No3 (advanced light meditation) in the Okanagan located in Vernon. The Lucia N°03 is a computer-controlled lamp system used to induce Hypnagogic Light Experiences. Lucia's patented process combines a stroboscope (flickering light) featuring variable speed and intensity with a constant light operating in different brightness levels. The Lucid Light experience does not replace therapy and offers no alternative to it. This lucid light gently entrains the brain, stimulates the central brain (including the pineal gland/third eye) and opens up a space for visionary exploration - a place of unimaginable peace and beauty. The Lucia N°03 is not a replacement for a meditation practice or an addictive experience but rather the sessions provide a form of brain entrainment that allows the viewer to temporarily experience a state of deep meditation. After a series of sessions, it is easier for the user to return to this space of deep meditation, but it is still the responsibility of the person to meditate regularly on their own to make significant changes in their life. The Lucia lamp is a tool for awakening. It helps clear the mind and allows even beginning meditators to reach a space of peaceful presence. It is not a replacement for a meditation practice but quite the opposite - it encourages people to meditate by reminding them how powerful the practice can be and gives them the confidence (and roadmap) to get there on their own. As the Lucia is both a stimulation (through light), and a relaxation (through brain entrainment), it helps the individual learn to let go in stressful situations, rather than resist and make things even more difficult. The Lucia N°03 also uses a wide spectrum of light which has been reported to have a great impact for people with both seasonal affective disorder and other types of depression. Other benefits include: • Relaxed and sustained deep relaxation • Increase learning and performance • Time and spacelessness • Awareness detached from the body • Immersion in worlds of colour and shape • Strong feelings of happiness • Spiritual experiences. Visit us at the Kelowna Wellness Fair for a free demonstration of the power of Lucia No.3!

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