About the Event

The Vernon Wellness Fair began in 2004, after Chris Madsen had a mediation session at Cousin’s bay. He visioned an event that brought together the public with the myriad of health and wellness services and products available.

He turned his vision into a reality and began the popular annual fair.

The Vernon Wellness Fair showcases over 100 products and services from the health and wellness industry. There is a huge variety of things to discover; spiritual healers, organic products, weight loss experts, essential oils, massage therapists, counselors, and so much more!

Guests enjoy free admission, a chance to enter to win prizes and free welcome bags.

Meet The Organizers

Chris Madsen

Chris Madsen founded the Body & Soul Wellness Fair after a meditation at Cousin’s Bay, where he visioned a large event that would bring together healers from the community with those seeking better health. Chris is an accomplished guitarist, a professional musician for 45 years, and founder of the Living Love’s Vision organization. Chris takes his health very seriously and can be found making organic food from his garden, meditating and going spending the day hiking in the forests and hills surrounding Vernon.

Shara Mendoza

Shara Mendoza has followed in her father, Chris Madsen’s, footsteps and founded the Kelowna Wellness Fair in 2010, alongside her father. Her desire to connect the Kelowna residents with the many different health and wellness services in the Okanagan has been a huge hit in the area, and the Kelowna Wellness Fair has grown each year.
Since then, her and Chris established the Penticton Wellness Fair (2015) and worked alongside Xavier Mendoza to also found The Health and Wellness Show (Abbotsford) in 2019. She is also a professional guitarist, health enthusiast, and mother to three amazing kids.


Ashleigh Magill co-founded the Body and Soul Wellness Fair in Vernon with Chris Madsen, her mentor, over 12 years ago and couldn't be happier with how far it has come in that time. Since her move to Vancouver Island, Ashleigh has been working toward organizing a Wellness Fair to tie in to the very successful events that Chris and Shara have put together in Kelowna and Penticton and recently taken over in Vernon. She is also continuing her education in the health and wellness industry; nutrition, shamanism, herbalism, and energy work. She is a nature lover, backpacker, and yoga babe and is in constant gratitude for each moment and for all of the love that surrounds her.