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Sparkling Hill Resort - the only resort in the world to infuse over 3.5 million Swarovski crystals into every aspect of its design. Opening in May 2010, the resort is privately owned by Mr. Langes-Swarovski, the patriarch of the Swarovski crystal family of Austria. All guest rooms are open concept with sliding glass window walls, crystal shaped soaker tubs and custom wellness beds for your comfort. The Resort’s crowning jewel is 40,000 sq. ft. European-inspired KurSpa where guests are encouraged to explore a better level of health by taking the time to invest in you most important asset – yourself. Enjoy the endless wellness amenities included in every guest stay; STEAMS AND SAUNAS – 9am to 11am & 4pm to 10pm Escape to blissful state while you enjoy the benefits of the 7 unique Steams and Saunas: Aqua Meditation/Rose/Salt/Crystal/Herbal/Panorama/Finnish/Igloo. Find your favorite or alternate between the hot and cold principle to feel your best. Look for the plaque outside of each room for the temperature, humidity and time you should spend inside. (Please note from 9pm to 10pm it is European hour and clothing is optional) AQUA AREA – 7am to 10pm Open year-round, enjoy the heated outdoor infinity pool day or night with a majestic natural backdrop overlooking Okanagan Lake. Take a swim in the indoor pool with underwater music or warm up in the 30 person hot pool. Watch the aqua facilities transform from day to night when the Swarovski crystal starry skies come to life after dark. KNEIPP WATERWAY – 7am to 10pm Treat your aches and boost your circulation to the most neglected part of our bodies… the feet and lower legs. Kneipp water stepping is known for its healing qualities relieving swollen, sore feet, kick starting circulatory strength to the furthest point while aiding insomnia, tension and tight muscles. Take as many circuits as you can with large exaggerated steps being sure to pull your knees as far up to your chest as possible to maximize the benefit. RELAXATION AREAS – 7am to 10pm Learn to sit in silence in the Serenity room where no talking or noise is permitted. A 180 degree view from the Monashee Mountains to the northern tip of Okanagan Lake the feeling is pure and restful. Refresh yourself with Herbal tea or fruit infused water between spa activities to ensure your body is hydrated. If you are hungry, help yourself to daily fresh whole fruit while you replenish. Experience the Benefits of Wellness Travel at Sparkling Hill Resort As more people make their health and well-being a priority, the niche industry of wellness travel is rapidly growing. Adorned in crystals and situated on top of a granite bluff overlooking Okanagan Lake sits Sparkling Hill Resort, a modern oasis of well-being and one of the premier wellness destination spa resorts in the world. Wellness Travel Explained The primary purpose of wellness travel is maintaining, promoting, improving or kick-starting a healthy lifestyle and increasing your sense of overall mental well-being. When you travel with the intent of ‘wellness’ you are taking action to better your mental, physical and psychological state. The general goal of wellness travel is about improving the overall quality of one’s life. The Rise in Popularity of Wellness Travel Popularity for this new type ‘getaway’ is partially in a reaction to aging, an increase in lifestyle diseases such as arthritis, obesity and depression, and the failure of conventional medicine to address certain chronic conditions. Wellness travel gives you a chance to remove yourself from your normal environment and experience a physical and mental break from the stresses of daily life, while indulging in healthy activities and food. As a result, you return home with a renewed sense of well-being. The Benefits of Wellness Travel While some vacations leave you returning home with the need for another vacation, wellness travel is intended to give you the rest and experiences you need to live a healthier lifestyle. Wellness Travel’s Main Benefits Aren’t Just Physical Although the benefits of treatments and healthy eating are sure to help you feel better, wellness travelers report that they also experience:  Stress and anxiety reduction  A more positive mood  A more rested feeling  Weight loss and energy boost  Kick-starting a healthier lifestyle An Immersive Wellness Experience Couple these benefits with an opportunity to escape the chaos of the everyday world at a wholesome hotel like Sparkling Hill Resort, and it's a match made in wellness heaven. The Resort offers services ranging from traditional massages to signature treatments, such as the Cryo Cold Chamber treatment. Sweeping scenes from our Mountain View and Lake View rooms allow guests to fully take in the awe-inspiring landscape of the Okanagan while PeakFine Restaurant serves inspired farm-to-table options, making Sparkling Hill Resort a true escape from the stresses of the modern world, with everything needed for whole body wellness.

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