Inner Immersion, LLC

Inner Immersion is a highly effective, cutting edge mindfulness modality. Using the therapeutic frequencies of color (like immersing oneself in water) participants focus on and are exposed to speficically designed images in an active guided visualization format. The modality is a two hour intensive practice incorporating spoken word, breath-work, and music. Profound insights can be achieved through this practice as participants complete their own personal responsive art, providing a visual documentary of the feelings, memories, fears etc that are revealed and can be released during the process. After a near death experience in 2000, Joe Hernandez created the artwork and evolved this modality as a way to recreate the healing elements he encountered and drew upon during his traumatic experience and difficult recovery. He has had a great deal of success using this technique with those battling a range of issues such as chronic illness, abuse, depression and is particularly helpful in shedding light and bringing clarity to difficult decisions or life situations. Inner Immersion provides participants with effective tools to: Develop an open attention without over-identifying with painful experiences or fears Release past experiences or erroneous mindsets that continue to hurt us in the present, and move forward consciously and participate more fully in life Cleanse and recharge one's energy field Learn to draw on the healing energy around us to nourish and heal ourselves Realign with our true purpose of loving supportive relationships, joy and service

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