Jan Mills - Holistic Health Coach

Jan Mills ā€“ Holistic Health Coach Iā€™m passionate about a holistic approach to health. As a published author and international speaker with years of research and training in mind-body-spirit wellness, I would like to speak with you about your health concerns. Certified as a Nutrition & Health advisor recognised by Sanoviv Medical Institute as well as highly acclaimed USANA Health Sciences, I can help simplify the myriad of options for clients who are facing a health challenge, interested in weight management as well as athletes wanting to maintain their optimal health. Please contact Jan in Kelowna at 250-979-0008 or www.JanMills.net Jenny Garbutt ā€“ ReJen Health ltd. Jan and I are both trained as certified electro-toxicologists by the Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine. The Electro-proscope is state of the art equipment - a drug free, non-invasive approach to pain management and healing. Contact Jenny in Vernon at 250-308-6297 or www.ReJenHealth.com Let us help you on your path to a healthier and more balanced life. You can meet us at the Kelowna Wellness Fair (booth #19) and enter a terrific contest too!

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