Shannon Wilson Intuitive Medium

Born in Vancouver, Canada, Shannon began seeing spirits at an early age. She was apprehensive at first but eventually became more accustomed to the phenomena she found herself experiencing. At the age of 18 she decided to start what she now says is life-long learning on the subject of communicating with spirits from the other side. Shannon graduated from Studio Arts at Capilano University in 2002 and over time found that her work as a professional artist really began to hone her sensitivity on the subject. She found that the creation of art, in a deeply spiritual way, had enabled her to tune into sensitive energies and further develop her abilities. At the age of 33, she found the capacity to communicate with spirit too strong to avoid any longer and so set out to professionally pursue what she now knew to be her true calling. Shannon’s gift has helped many people in many different ways. She is currently enjoying the two biggest passions of her life, representing energies through her paintings and helping people through intuitive readings.

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