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XanGo is a global company sharing their brilliance in over 40 countries around the world. They are the founders and creators of the original mangosteen juice. XanGo has based all their products on the natural medicinal properties of the mangosteen fruit that is grown in Southeast Asia. They are known for their pure all natural, toxin free, plant based products with the highest grade ingredients being sourced from around the world. They offer a wide range of products to suit everyones daily needs. Mangosteen juice provides biologically active compounds and phytonutrients to support respiratory health, immune health, intestinal health and joint health and cardiovascular health and a healthy metabolism. Aeris is a complete anti-aging solution using the newest technology to reduce the five major signs of aging; fine lines/wrinkles, dark circles/puffiness, dull dry skin, increases collagen synthesis and helps reconstruct healthy youthful skin internally and externally. We offer daily skin nutrition as well as bath and body care. Xalo Pro Series offers exclusive all-natural formulas to enhance your performance at home, the gym, or the office. Wether you are just starting a new exercise program, meeting tight deadlines, or training for a marathon, Xalo Pro provides you the support you need so you can stay focused, energized, and maximized. Favao is our weight loss/management program to guide and assist you on your journey back to a healthier happier you. Daily vitamin and mineral supplementation for both men and women available. XanGo has been recognized for their accomplishments and have won numerous awards for their quality of their products and charitable missions around the world through XanGo Goodness.

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