USANA Health Sciences - Jan & Martin Mills

After years of researching numerous nutrition companies in the US and Canada, I have come to admire, respect and recommend the expertise and products from USANA Health Sciences. I am offering you two free opportunities through the Kelowna Wellness Fair: Everyone loves chances to win! Stop by to see me at booth #9 and enter the RESET contest. One of my favourite programs offered by USANA and my coaching is the RESET Weight management program. It begins with a 5 day cleanse that will Jumpstart releasing weight by ridding your body of unhealthy cravings, restore energy and manage a healthy weight. The RESET kit includes everything you need for 5 days including Nutrimeal shakes, Protein snacks and packets of nutritional supplements – stop by and meet me to enter for a chance to win a 5 day RESET kit or check out my website Are you confused by all the options about the best approach to take for optimal wellness? Here’s a resource created just for you: The USANA True Health Assessment is an online questionnaire that is a free, cutting-edge health assessment that provides you with a personalized approach to measure your health and lifestyle. The USANA True Health Assessment gives real life solutions and is designed to get you started on your road to optimal health. It sends you three customized reports that are the response from the physicians and scientists at USANA Health Sciences, all offered to you free of charge. Complete the questionnaire and I will be happy to offer a consultation to answer any questions you may have. You can take the test by clicking the tab found on my website

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